Ammoudi Bay Oia Santorini

Ammoudi Bay is set into the historic volcanic cliffs

Castle of Oia Santorini

The Historic Remains of the 15th-century legendary coastal fort

The Famous Blue Domed Church

The Historic Church and Museum from the 15th-century

Oia Santorini



               Oia is a coastal town on the northwestern tip of Santorini, a Greek Aegean island. The town has whitewashed houses carved into the rugged clifftops and overlooks a vast caldera filled with water. In a 19th-century mansion, the Naval Maritime Museum has exhibits on local seafaring history, including old figureheads, sailors’ chests, and models of old ships. Nearby is the ruined Oia Castle, known for its sunset views.



               Oia is the most beautiful village of Santorini that recently started looking like a glamorous town, every day gathering thousands of people longing for seeing the famous Oia sunsets. If you have time to visit just one place in the island – choose Oia. That’s what you’ve been dreaming of for so many years looking at the pictures of the white churches with bright blue domes.



               Oia is located 11 km away from Fira and is a pedestrian town. Most of the visitors come here to admire its unique architecture, captains’ houses, Blue Domes, cave houses, and the sunset. You can see crowds of people here any time of the day, for it’s a must to see if you are in Santorini. Otherwise, you’ll have to come back!



               Oia is famous for its chic and expensive restaurants and great shopping, too. The truth is that in this town you can find all the beautiful, quality, expensive and exclusive goods. Santorini is being visited by all the famous and important personalities of the whole world regularly, therefore every expensive world-famous brand is presented here.



               This town hosts an incredible number of hotels, although most of them you do not notice thinking these are just the houses of the locals. The whole place is built along the Cliffside. Do not expect to swim in the sea if you stay here – the beaches are located on a different, flat side of the island. Oia is the only settlement of the island that can boast of a marble avenue crossing its whole length.

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